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Parvuz is a Malaysia-based, mini PC and zero client distributor company. In Parvuz, we offered the ultra-compact size and lightweight devices for businesses and home use.

As the world becomes faster, more demanding, and more competitive, so has our business. By continually innovating, we enable our customers to challenge and inspire everyone around them. And help keep things moving forward in a more interesting way.

Externally, we rely on our customers. They are at the center of everything we do, and we create value for them with innovative products. Internally, we rely on our dedicated employees. Dedication is a core part of our work ethic. 

What is Zero Client?

A zero client device is a small, powerful hardware that can help cut down on hardware spending, energy consumption and space. Zero client is a desktop terminal with very small footprint that has been optimized for connect remotely to a server-based computer.

Parvuz zero client device able to provide users with the highest level of security with lowest level of energy consumption. Parvuz zero client end users also will enjoy extreme quick boot-up times for the end user to the VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) sign-on screen for session login. 

The initial acquisition costs are realised immediately when replacing PCs with Parvuz zero client which costs less than half the price of entry-level PCs. Compared to typical PC energy consumption, Parvuz zero client consumes only 5 watts and produce less heat, thus providing at least 80% savings for energy consumption.

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